Transit-Centered Community Development

BNC's Transit-Centered Community Development Initiative advances equitable and sustainable development along Baltimore's existing and planned transit corridors by investing in strategies that:


  • Attract new residential and commercial investment, including mixed-use development.


Shoppers browse a table of fresh flowers and vegetables at the West Baltimore Farmers Market.

Shoppers browse a table of fresh produce

at the West Baltimore Farmers Market.


  • Improve neighborhood conditions and prevent displacement of current renters and homeowners.


  • Strengthen access to local and regional employment opportunities.


  • Build the capacity of residents to influence and benefit from the planning, policy, and development decisions for their communities


BNC primarily targets its Transit-Centered Community Development (T-CCD) investments within Central Baltimore north of Penn Station, in Southwest Baltimore around the West Baltimore MARC station and on strategies to strengthen community engagement in planning for the proposed Red Line Corridor.


Among the results to date:


-  Charles North Vision Plan

-  West Baltimore MARC Plan


  • Neighborhood-scale investments within a half-mile radius of existing and planned stations.

-  Establishment of West Baltimore Farmers Market

-  City Arts building providing affordable housing for artists


  • Informed residents with the ability to influence station area planning and design,

-  Transit Around the Nation trips in partnership with Citizens Planning and Housing Association, Greater Baltimore Committee and Neighborhood Design. Lessons learned led to the groundbreaking Red Line Community Compact.

-  Support to strengthen community engagement in Red Line Station Area Planning and Design.


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