Neighborhood Collaborative Breathes New Life Into Baltimore

Few organizations in the United States can say they have made as deep of a financial impact in underprivileged neighborhoods as the Baltimore Neighborhood Collaborative. Headquartered at the Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers, the Baltimore Neighborhood Collaborative has provided over 8 million dollars in grants since its inception. These grants have helped reduce and prevent the effects of foreclosure and provided housing for countless residents of over 90 Baltimore neighborhoods. The Baltimore Neighborhood Collaborative has managed to engage over 45 national and local and national funders in an effort to breathe new life into the Baltimore neighborhoods that the Collaborative serves. In addition to distributing grants, the Collaborative has also trained generous volunteers in community development and supported many internships at nonprofit organizations with an interest in community service.

One of the most important factors in revitalizing any neighborhood is sustainable development of local housing and businesses. This is one of the Baltimore Neighborhood Collaborativeís top priorities, addressed by the BNCís Transit-Centered Community Development Initiative. Through the Initiative, the BNC invests in the local businesses and organizations located along the current and future transit corridors that provide employment opportunities to residents who would otherwise be in danger of being removed from their homes. One of the most notable achievements of the Initiative is the establishment of the West Baltimore Farmerís Market, a place in which residents can gather and sell fresh, healthy, and locally grown produce to all the people of West Baltimore.

As well as providing the citizens of Baltimore a more prosperous place to live, the Collaborative also stabilizes and beautifies neighborhoods through the Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative. This Initiative funds various community based nonprofit organizations with an interest in creating a better living environment for the people of Baltimore. The funding provided has made powerful changes by creating and maintaining progress in local real estate markets, protected residents from foreclosure through legal assistance, and provided educational and housing counseling services to residents in need. Because of the work of this Initiative, neighborhoods across Baltimore have become greatly improved and restored, making residents proud to call these neighborhoods their homes.

Not only does the Collaborative award massive grants to community revitalization organizations and make incredible changes in neighborhoods across Baltimore, it has also worked tirelessly towards citywide discussion of issues and consideration of policies that affect the people of Baltimore. This ensures that all of the residents can have a voice in the policies that affect Baltimore neighborhoods. In addition to bringing attention to the concerns of all of the people of Baltimore, the Collaborative also provides extensive community development training for volunteers and a large variety of funding opportunities for those looking to bolster the success of their local business or nonprofit organization.

Over the years, the Baltimore Neighborhood Collaborative has changed countless lives of the citizens of Baltimore, and will surely continue to do so with the help of the generous people and organizations that provide the Collaborativeís funding. Through their kind donations, the Collaborative has saved many residents from homelessness and made the neighborhoods of Baltimore wonderful places to live, full of caring and devoted individuals.