How to Quickly Pack Your Entire Closet from Top to Bottom

Packing up your closet can be a time-consuming task, but there are ways to help speed up the process.

1. Donate or discard unnecessary clothes

Before you begin packing your clothes, go through and see which items you want to keep and which ones you want to donate or discard. If you haven’t used an item in a year, you may want to do something else with it. When you use this time at the beginning of the process, it will prevent you from packing unnecessary things.


2. Put away off-season clothes

Start by packing your off-season clothing. Label these, so you know that you don’t have to unpack them right away. You can vacuum seal your off-season clothes to save space during a move. If you plan on keeping your off-season clothes packed away for a while, make sure you take special precautions to protect them from moths and other pests.

3. Seal hanging clothes

Use garbage bags for hanging clothes. This will save you money on boxes, and you don’t have to waste time folding everything up to put into the boxes. All you have to do is use a large trash bag, put it around the clothing, and secure it from the top, so the hangers stay in place. Alternatively, you can purchase wardrobe boxes, which keep dust and dirt off your clothing while enabling you to keep them hanging.

If you have any dressers or items with drawers in your closet, don’t spend time boxing up these items. You can just seal the drawers tightly in plastic wrap and move your drawers as is.

4. Use small boxes for easy mobility

If you are packing your clothing in boxes, make sure to use smaller boxes since clothing is heavy. If you pack a large box full of too much clothing, you may have trouble moving it and get injured.

5. Utilize recycled items for jewelry

Empty egg cartons work well for moving small pieces of jewelry, like rings. Add a piece of jewelry to each space and then use a cotton ball as padding. You can then wrap up the entire egg carton in plastic wrap to keep it secure. To prevent necklaces from getting tangled up in the packing process, use a straw for thinner, smaller chains and an empty toilet roll for larger, chunkier necklaces. Just thread through to prevent tangles.

6. Pack shoes in used papers

For packing shoes, use paper. Paper will protect your shoes from getting misshapen in a box. Stuff your shoes with paper, then wrap your shoes with more paper to prevent them from getting scuffed up. When you have a box of shoes, fill up any remaining space in the box with a suitable filling material to protect them in transit.


7. Pack what you need

When packing up your closet, have a box that gives you enough clothing and accessories for two days in case you don’t have time to unpack everything right away. Make sure to clearly label boxes, so you know where they go and can save time on the other end. Utilize suitcases for moving as well. You’ll be able to pack the stuff you need the week of the move in suitcases, so they don’t just sit empty with the rest of your belongings. You can use suitcases to pack your more expensive or delicate pieces in order to protect them.

How to Quickly Pack Your Entire Closet from Top to Bottom

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